Joe Biden may be America’s de facto president, but come on, who’s really running the country? Kamala Harris? Susan Rice? Joe Manchin? Obama? A shadow president possible?

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President Donald Trump is running a shadow presidency? Why shouldn’t he? I mean if there’s a deep state why not a shadow president? If Trump can be impeached as a private citizen then why can’t he be a shadow president?

Where did this idea of a “shadow presidency” originate? Most likely from the main stream media who by-the-way relies on Trump for their ratings. …

If it happened to me, it can happen to you

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You go to a strange land to fight for your freedoms only to return home to a life on the streets. Sounds like a Hollywood blockbuster, doesn’t it? One that only Brad Pitt or Matt Damon could truly depict. This is no movie though; this was my life.

I deployed to Iraq in 2005 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF III), part of the War on Terror campaign led by the US, UK, and our allies. I was in Iraq, al Anbar Province – and to a lesser extent Kuwait – for nearly a year. …

. . . and it’s easier than you mofo’s think.

Do you know a person who’s always happy? Somebody who’s always smiling? It seems they have no problems; everything’s perfect for them.

I see people like this all the time – although they’re in the minority. It really irks me because how can they have [apparently] no problems when they live on the same planet as I do and I have loads of problems.

Yes, you do sense jealousy in my tone. Can you blame me?

What is happiness anyways? Happiness is a state of mind, it’s a person’s subjective wellbeing. You can’t chase happiness nor can you catch happiness…


Writing: 4 Reasons I Write

Your reasons for writing may differ

Editor’s Notes: Okay Vico Biscotti, I’m taking your advice.

Why do I write? That’s a complicated question; I’ve never pondered it before.

The history of my writing is full of holes. The furthest I can recollect was in the 6th grade. I wrote a five paragraph essay – remember those? – on the US Constitution.

The competition was sponsored by the Daughters of the American Revolution. I came in second place in the state (Oklahoma). …


Editor’s Note: I know this post won’t go viral because I have not followed Vico Biscotti’s advice. I did not choose to write about Why I Write and Why You Should Post Daily. I will take my chances.

The COVID19 virus burst onto the scene arguably as far back as October of 2019. The world took note and went into panic mode. In less than a year a vaccine was developed and now it looks as if the virus is starting to be under control.

Everything about the way the COVID19 virus is being handled AS WELL AS THE VACCINE…

It’s abnormal to not have any regrets; it’s abnormal to let them control our lives

Have you ever reflected on things you should’ve done? Or maybe thought about things you shouldn’t have done? When you’re on your death bed, will you have regrets? I know I will, I have regrets now. Lewis Carroll said it best,

“In the end . . .we only regret the chances we didn’t take, the relationships we were afraid to have, and the decisions we waited too long to make.”

There are two types of regrets. The first one are the regrets you can’t change. These regrets can be over actions we’ve taken over short time periods regretting actions we’ve…

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You think being homeless is bad? Imagine being homeless during a pandemic

THE YEAR 2020 WAS ONE of the worst years in not just my life but for most of the people in the world. Of course as usual, it was a great year for the wealthy. It was still not THE worst year I had experienced, that would be 2008 through 2010.

In 2008 I became homeless and just that fact made 2008 the worst time of my life. …

We are a slave to the clock and a lover of time

Is time a renewable and sustainable resource?

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NO MATTER WHO WE ARE there is one thing we have in common. There is one thing we all have regardless of who we are, where we reside, or who we worship.

Whether we are male or female or in between. Whether we are black or white or yellow or red. Whether we are gay or straight or bi. Whether we are American or British or South African or Chinese. There is one common denominator between us.


We have the same amount of time…

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Soft skills are personal attributes that enable a person to interact effectively with others.

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Do you have soft skills? Do you have hard skills? Do you have mad skills? The answer to these questions are yes to soft skills, no to hard skills, and I do not know for mad skills.

Not everybody has hard skills, at least not formal ones. As for soft skills, everybody has some soft skills to offer a business although some have a better set of soft skills than others.

The primary problem in today’s workforce is people look down on soft skills. The secondary problem…

Leadership isn’t intrinsically linked to profit, those who are viewed as effective leaders in corporate contexts are the ones who increase their company’s bottom line. Photo by Andreas Klassen on Unsplash

Leadership is not necessarily about managing. It is about having a vision and being able to influence people. It is taking an idea or a concept and bringing it alive.

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HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN A leadership position, whether it was working in the restaurant sector or in the military? It is not as easy as it looks. I know because I served in the military in the Middle-East in a leadership position for a year. Later on, I was a restaurant manager and eventually an owner.

I recently read a post on Tony Robbins’ website “How to become a great Leader in Business and in Life,” “Leadership is not a zero-sum equation. When…

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