I used to have both a Blackberry and a pager, I thought I was a big shot!

EDITORS NOTES: Remember the good old days? This will spark your memories.

Have you ever become so attached to something you think you couldn’t live without it? For me it was – and still is – my vinyl copy of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. I thought I…

Joe Biden may be America’s de facto president, but come on, who’s really running the country? Kamala Harris? Susan Rice? Joe Manchin? Obama? A shadow president possible?

Editors notes: I’m trying something new. This is the first in a series of political pieces. Let me know what you think. Thanks.

President Donald Trump is running a shadow presidency? Why shouldn’t he? I mean if there’s a deep state why not a shadow president? …


Writing: 4 Reasons I Write

Your reasons for writing may differ

Editor’s Notes: Okay Vico Biscotti, I’m taking your advice.

Why do I write? That’s a complicated question; I’ve never pondered it before.

The history of my writing is full of holes. The furthest I can recollect was in the 6th grade. I wrote…

It’s abnormal to not have any regrets; it’s abnormal to let them control our lives

Have you ever reflected on things you should’ve done? Or maybe thought about things you shouldn’t have done? When you’re on your death bed, will you have regrets? I know I will, I have regrets now. Lewis Carroll said it best,

“In the end . . .we only regret the…

We are a slave to the clock and a lover of time

Is time a renewable and sustainable resource?

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NO MATTER WHO WE ARE there is one thing we have in common. There is one thing we all have regardless of who we are, where we reside, or who we worship.

Whether we are…

James Baxley, MA

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